Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's a good thing the neighbors are on vacation. Hopefully the dirt will be back in the hole before they get back.

Waiting for the electrical to get here. It comes from two houses to the right. That's going to be interesting and hopefully not too expensive to go under 3 driveways and a very busy garden.

The Beast returns. This portion of the root is in the path of the sewer line.

Lots of digging, a 1/2 day to repair a track on the digger and they finally get it busted loose.
Does any one out there need a really unique piece of very old wood? Let me know... I'm sure we can make a deal.

The siding is on for the most part. The porch cover can't be completed until the trench is filled in. It took a while to see any changes because they started siding on the back and did the front last.